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I do Garry's Mod comics and I'm a mod over at Fallout Confessions, yup!
This better be worth it.
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A beautiful end to a beautiful match of Mann Up in TF2. 
Starring, myself, Declan and Mac 
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New feature of the Steam Beta, nicknames for friends. 
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You guys remember Kevin? Well I didn’t expect you to, but he’s still around! Charming personality and all.
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- Listen, Never. I don’t know what your deal is. I know it’s just you and your mom. I just wanna say that if you ever need to talk about anything… You know, we see each other in school, so if you need to you can talk to me.
- Talk about what?
- Well, you know, that’s up to you. It doesn’t matter. If you think it’s something you need to talk about. You might not. I’m just saying. You can talk to me.
- Lilly doesn’t like me.
- Nope. No, she does not.
- Why?
- Because you eat raw meat and you shit in a tub, and you wreck everything. And, as long as you act like that, no one’s gonna like you. No one’s gonna wanna be around you.
- My mom says that any choice I make is ok, because I love myself.
- Your mom is wrong.
- I’m gonna tell her you said that.
- That’s ok. You tell her. I’ll take the heat.
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“This isn’t Fallout-related, but… I think Loon and Cybbie would be a cute couple.”Image

Who says this job don’t have it’s benefits?